Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tribute to Samantha Richards

One of my diva sisters, Samantha Richards, has inspired me to be more open and more daring when it concerns my faith. She's also shown me how not to have bad days. It's very rare that she complains, that she murmurs. She's always talking about Christ, always ready to praise Him. And I am honored to know you, Mrs. Richards. You keep the praise party going and let us all learn what it is to be on fire for God. I love you, Sam. I can only hope that one day I'll see you in person.


The Belle in Blue said...

Samantha inspires everyone who knows her! I so hope that we can all meet someday. The first one of us to make it big should fly everyone to a resort for a DIVA conference! :-)

K.T. said...

I love Sam's enthusiam. It makes my day and I draw so much energy from her.

care said...

I love Samantha's eagerness and enthusiasm to spread the word of God.She is bold and confident in her faith,a very strong woman of God,Love you Sam.