Monday, January 21, 2008

Humility Means the World

A few days ago, Lacresha Hayes asked me to remove the post I'd made previously to this. She said she wasn't at war with anyone, nor in opposition to anyone. She humbly requested that I removed the post and not get involved or stoop to the level of posting about the things said about her or her company.

I learned a lot from her email. I learned that sometimes, people can be too combative. I've always been a strike me and I'll strike you back person. That is not Jesus' way. I would love to say I do it Jesus' way, but I don't. I try to behave as a Christian first and foremost, but sometimes I fall severely short. As a writer, a mother and a wife, I tend to forget humility when it is most needed. I believe this is the state of the world today. It is our choice to behave in the right or wrong way. People do not control what we do. We control what we do.

Humility means the world.

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Jon said...

Humility does mean a lot. I think that professional people, especially women, have a problem with it at times. I've learned humility through my wife and what she shows me daily in our home, with our kids and on her job. You remind me of her in the way you write and tell people the truth that they may not want to hear.