Saturday, January 19, 2008

Uncomfortable Attention

Some very mean people have been visiting my blog with nonsense of late. There's a few things I have to say about that to you anonymous tipsters, as you must obviously call yourselves. Don't ever write me anything negative about a person on my blog. They are here because I trust them. What I don't trust is anonymous tipsters. If you are right, why hide your identity? Or, are you running from a lawsuit which is inevitable if you continue on.

I believe Living Waters Publishing Company is a great company. I trust Terry Kennedy, wholeheartedly. His research matters to me. Some of the other sites I can do without. Before this past incident with Absolute Write, I trusted Victoria Strauss. I don't anymore. I don't know if it's her or her associates there, but I know they have went too far for me to call them credible.

I know Lacresha through a few Yahoo groups, and some emails. I know she is a woman who loves God. And to attack her, call her a liar, say she hates gays, is prejudice and more that has been sent to me is downright unacceptable. To attack her because she is only 32 and has a 17 year old son, and was raped is dispicable. No person who cares about authors would stoop so low. So, please, don't write this blog or you will be reported, tracked and charges will be pressed (if I can do that). If I can't, I'll try. I will not be a part of this mess. I serve you warning, a few of us are gathering to approach whomever we have to for Absolute to be removed from the web altogether, or at the very least, what's decent, is to take down the post about her rape and her son. That's mean, vindictive, spiteful and only done by people without a real life.

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