Friday, September 5, 2008

Supporting The Center for Moral Clarity

I watch Rod Parsley every single day. The man is an awesome example of what Christian ministry and ministers should be. His Center for Moral Clarity is in need of help. We all can play a part in it, too.

All through September and October, I'll be sending $20 every week toward helping this center get larger and increase its impact. I'm looking for 100 people to do this with me. I'm including a link to his website so that you can go directly there.

It's sickening that we might have a liberal President this next term that may outlaw our abilities to speak against homosexuality, abortion and anything else people call socially disturbing. Please, let us use our blogs to come against this next movement by socialists to take the Christian voice out of the Earth. We can't allow it to happen.

Go to the Center for Moral Clarity now and let Pastor Parsley know you support what he's doing.

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