Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Thoughtful Posts

Today, I happened upon two thoughtful posts. I couldn't rest tonight so I got up to make a post. Over at Free Spirit, Marvin Wilson asked a question about a compromising professional and ethical position. I couldn't comment because I seriously had never thought about it, but it is food for thought.

Also, my good friend, Lacresha Hayes, blogged about the white/black issue that still plagues us. She is one open lady, but it made me remember something that I teach my students. You may not be my students, but this is for everyone. Be careful about divulging information online. It's a whole lot easier to destroy someone when you've never shaken their hand or ate dinner with them. Don't give anyone any ammo to destroy you with. Lacresha has one of the most interesting and controversial blogs on the net to me. Eventually, she's going to make enemies. If you are an honest Christian and are extremely verbal about your beliefs, you'll make enemies. It's unavoidable. So, be leery about trusting people so quickly. Be leery about the info you give out. Just be leery. Now, visit those blogs and leave your comments.

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