Saturday, May 15, 2010

Completed Eight Chapters

My manuscript, while still untitled, has officially taken some shape as I completed my eighth chapter last night. I love writing, though I miss subbing at the school. I love the freedom to keep a certain pace when I begin the process.

Still, I'd feel much more comfortable if I could decide on a title that didn't sound like a sociology handbook. I'm in a toss up between "We Cry for Truth" and "What Your Child's Struggle Says About You"

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Denise James said...

Is there any sentence you've written already that conveys all you want to say in a few words already? If there is one, it's worth seeing is part of this sentence or some words taken from it but rearraged could work as a title. It's just a thought... Feel free to ignore it.
Congratulations on writing so much so quickly. You'll have finished your first draft before you know it at this rate. Keep the good work :)