Monday, May 10, 2010

Trusting Fictoria

Fictoria is getting serious about her boyfriend. The other day I walked in to hear them discussing money and saving. Yesterday, I caught them kissing each other, though nothing alarming other than it was a kiss. When he was leaving, I saw him pass her a notebook. Being the parent that I am, I asked to see it. Inside was a five year plan to take them from now to purchasing a home. I was delighted and destroyed and disturbed. I felt like a scratched record.

Children grow up and we worry while we're pregnant that nothing happens. We have healthy babies. We worry that they will stay healthy and they group into healthy teens. We hope they'll finish school and they graduate with honors. We worry that they find the right spouse, best job, perfect home. I know now that God is in control and that she has the right foundation and that I can trust her to make good decisions.

Whether she makes it with this guy or not, she knows how to go about getting the best things out of life. And she knows how to respect herself and choose wisely. God, I thank you for her having all that I lacked as a teen and I trust you with my daughter.

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The Belle in Blue said...

The best thing we can do for them is give them a good example of a happy marriage, and you do that for her every day!